Editorial Love: La Senorita Bello Vogue Korea July 2012



Digging through the archives on this one and maybe its because I’m dreaming of travel, exploration and vibrantly colored textiles to lose my mind over, but this editorial La Senorita Bello from Vogue Korea July 2012 issue represents everything that I love.  Photographer Alexander Nuemann captures Korean model Han Hye Jin up close and personal with Cusco’s local culture and people as she explores the ancient Incan capital in Peru.  The styling is incredible mixing up her high fashion looks with some local textures and colors. This inspires me to get to South America and get working on my own pom pom hat.  Craft time!


HanHyeJinVK12 HanHyeJinVK13 HanHyeJinVK14 HanHyeJinVK15 HanHyeJinVK01 HanHyeJinVK02 HanHyeJinVK03 HanHyeJinVK04 HanHyeJinVK05HanHyeJinVK07 HanHyeJinVK08 HanHyeJinVK09 HanHyeJinVK10



photos via Fashion Gone Rogue