Event Recap: A Current Affair



Outside of Modern Mumu I’m a freelance trend forecaster and while I mostly work in the culture and lifestyle realm, I do enjoy the fashion aspect when it means I get to snap street shots and talk to stylish strangers.  I’m always extra excited when I get the chance to marry trend forecasting missions with vintage clothing, which is what happened two weekends ago at A Current Affair.

A_Current_Affair_14 Rodellee from Adored Vintage


A Current Affair is Los Angeles’s newest premier vintage show with semi-annual pop up events that transform the fashion district’s Cooper Design Space into a vintage emporium stocked full of designer finds and one-of-a-kind treasures.  Richard Wainwright of of NEW/FOUND and Joey Grana, the woman behind Scout over in West Hollywood are the brains and set of aesthetic eyes responsible for the event, which has been gaining steady traction since its inception in 2010.  They also curate the Parachute Market, a design fair for LA’s indie designers and makers.


For the fall show A Current Affair brought out around fifty vendors who came from all over the west coast.  I met and mingled with friends and got to check out the incredible collections of online stores Spanish Moss, Bustown Modern, Just Say Native and Adored Vintage among others.  It was a lovely afternoon with tunes spun from a KCRW DJ and arty snacks and drinks to keep everyone energized.










While there were plenty of designer 60′s and incredible ethnic-inspired frocks to get me all squirmy, the real charm was seeing how the ultra sartorial shoppers put together their vintage finds with their own personal style.  Lots of styling inspiration and ideas from these lovely ladies!

A_Current_Affair_3Left: Ellen Hsu of Portland’s Vintalier


A_Current_Affair_4Left: Parveen of Disciples of Vintage

A_Current_Affair_5Anessa Woods of Bustown Modern.  They moved to LA and are opening a shop on Melrose soon so keep an eye out!





A Current Affair is back again for the Holiday Show on Dec. 7.  Mark your calendars!