Label Love: Mister Zimi



It’s not quite summer here in Los Angeles (though one could argue it’s always summer) and its certainly not quite fall.  While I still sashay around in summery frocks and ‘mus with loud prints and color, its borderline fashion inappropriate while the rest of SoCal pretends they need a beanie and coat.  I’m a terrible winter dresser.  Plus my style changes dramatically into an Asian grandmother with a color block fetish.  Usually this time each year I’m planning my 2 month escape to the warmer climates of SE Asia so I can minimize the time necessary to engage in cold-weather dressing.  Unfortunately that’s not happening right now and so while I’m stuck in life and climate limbo, I’ll let my mind and eye wander to sunnier skies.


Enter Mister Zimi – a label that serves girls like me the perfect combination of color, print, sun, travel and a little kitsch.  Australian Zoe Paul and her husband Jimi are the brains behind the brand, which is based in Bali.  The couple wanted to live in Bali and during one vacation in 2007, Zoe designed and made a leather jacket that was a hit among friends and friends-of-friends once back in Australia.  The demand sent the duo back to Bali to produce more and boom –  Mister Zimi was born.



Zoe and Jimi now split time between Melbourne and Bali and run their business with – something certainly evident in the garments themselves.  It’s all about color, texture and easy living with a little throwback to the 70′s with relaxed silhouettes.  The easy-to-wear dresses and harem pants are a perfect addition to any travelling girl’s packing list.


Mister Zimi’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection is entitled Miss Mexicana  and inspired by textiles from around the world and of course, the bright colors of Mexico.  The lookbook is stunning and those pineapple palazzo pants need to be in my closet NOW!















Visit Mister Zimi’s website and facebook for more of their colorful printed goodness.


photos via Mister Zimi.