New ‘Mus Brightening Up The Shop Aug. 20

It’s been real quiet over here in MoMu e-land, mostly because I’m working on moving this whole site over.  However, the shop is up and running, beautified by some amazing new treasures picked up in Morocco, Korea, Japan and Mexico among others.  So head over to the shop to browse through and start dreaming of wanderlusting.

60s Hawaiian Caftan

Abstract neon mumu

Blue African Mumu

Green batik caftan

blue paisley mumu

Orange Geometric Mumu

Koi fish mumu

Black Berber Caftan

Peach Berber Caftan

Mexican Tunic

White Mexican Dress

japanese robe

light blue shibori kimono

pink kimono

sheer blue kimono

checked japanese dress

Striped Japanese Dress

blue sheer dressJapanese paisley sheer


Find all these gems in the MoMu Shop!