Seoul Fashion Week – Part 2: Girls!Girls!Girls!



In my first post on Seoul Fashion Week I praise the boys Korea for their impeccable street style.  While I mention in that post that I find women’s style in Korea to be fairly uninspiring because of its sameness and focus on branded luxury, there are certainly things the k-ladies do right.  Namely hip-hop inspired casual wear.  Seoul_Fashion_Week_Streetper_28


Trends are always evolving quickly in Korea but over the last few years a spin on streetwear has been present with styling that often includes flashy kicks, colorful printed socks, beanies and layering lots of different fabrics creating rich texture.  Military looks and olive drab is also always around.  The palette usually runs dark with leather and denim favored – three reasons I admire this look, but can’t really pull it off.  Recently there’s been lots of structural and menswear-inspired shapes, bold typography and athletic garments that local designers excel at.  Girls have also been experimenting with pops of colors, kitschy graphics and adding prints to the overall look, which is why its steadily growing on me (and more on the colorful looks in a forthcoming post).

Here’s some of my favorite looks outside the shows at SFW shot by the best local street photogs:

Seoul_Fashion_Week_I_Like_Street_12 Seoul_Fashion_Week_I_Like_Street_20 Seoul_Fashion_Week_JMinism_01 Seoul_Fashion_Week_JMinism_03 Seoul_Fashion_Week_Kim_Hyoung_Won_05 Seoul_Fashion_Week_Paparazzo_03 Seoul_Fashion_Week_Steady_JooMinWoo_05




Seoul_Fashion_Week_I_Like_Street_21 Seoul_Fashion_Week_I_Like_Street_22Seoul_Fashion_Week_Streetper_05 Seoul_Fashion_Week_Streetper_07 Seoul_Fashion_Week_Streetper_12 Seoul_Fashion_Week_Streetper_22




Seoul_Fashion_Week_Baek_Seung_Won_12 Seoul_Fashion_Week_Baek_Seung_Won_13 Seoul_Fashion_Week_Baek_Seung_Won_17


photo credit: Streetper / Baek Seung Won / I Like Street / SolSol / Steady / JMinism / Kim Hyoung Won / Paparazzo

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