Vintage Shopping in Seoul: HYUN



When I arrived in Seoul in 2010, Hyun was one of my very first vintage discoveries.  Back then it was a tiny, closet-sized space behind the APM mall in the Ehwa Women’s University area but despite its size, always stocked full of well-curated vintage gems and ethnic garb for the modern gypsy in all of us.  More than clothing, the greater appeal of Hyun was the woman herself – a super friendly, English-speaking free spirit who truly embodies the color and variety found throughout her shop.   Literally too – her hair is always a different hue!




Hyun has since moved on to bigger and better things in a new shop just a few alleyways from her old spot.  The bright, airy space gives Hyun a palate for even more creativity with self-made DIY decorative projects adorning the walls and showcase floor.  The feel is very bohemian which is complemented by her diverse stock which is practically a trip around the world as you peruse from rack to rack.  She now also sells home decor items with loads of authentic ethnic textiles from all across Asia with some South American pieces snuck in there.





As for the clothing, she’s now concentrating exclusively on womenswear and catering to an older clientele.  If you love prints, color and ethnic flavor – she’s got plenty of dresses, blouses, skirts and trousers to fit nicely into that fun-loving aesthetic.  She’s been recently been stocking some gems sourced from trips to Thailand.  Plus it is completely affordable with many pieces under 20,000 won.  However, the real selling point is the styling which is best represented by the large selection of Japanese haori coats.  She pairs the traditional men’s open-front overcoat with almost everything to spice up a look with pattern and color and create a truly unique silhouette that I honestly haven’t seen anywhere else.




If you are looking for menswear, her brother’s shop a few alleys away across from her old spot is the place to look.  The whole business is a family affair with mom, dad and cat helping both of their refreshingly entrepreneurial kids on their way to creating a vintage dynasty.


If you stop in, definitely take some time to chat.  She’s a gem.


Check out Hyun’s facebook.


Directions:  Ehwa Women’s University Station, Line 2.  Exit  2.  Turn left after the APM mall and turn right at the small alleyway lined with street shops.  Turn left at Holly’s Coffee and Hyun is a few storefronts down on the right.