mu·mu noun /ˈmo͞oˌmo͞o/


: A loose dress with bright colors and Polynesian motifs worn by native Hawaiian women

: A snuggie-like article of clothing preferred by dramatically oversized ladies starring in episodes of Hoarders. Loved by their many cats and the ketchup from their corn dogs.

: The ideal garment. Color, comfort, print, pattern, volume, vintage and inherently ethnic.



mod·ern mu·mu noun /ˈmädərn/ˈmo͞oˌmo͞o/


: Print, pattern and personality for the urban gypsy.






I’ve always had a fascination with old things. Over time they lose their relevance and become separated from the places and people that gave them a heartbeat, but their story still remains. Clothing, textiles, jewelry and everyday artifacts are trusted companions during every life adventure and carry the secrets of a culture, people, tradition and time. Insatiably curious, they feed my imagination as I try to gain access into this clandestine world.


It is this same curiosity and gravitation to “the other” that beckons me to mystifying pockets in faraway places across the globe. While the natural human tendency is to stick with what’s known, I thrive with people, places and things that are as distant from it as possible. From the tiny unpopulated villages of hill-tribe Laos or rural Bulgaria to the neon-lined back lanes of crowded Seoul and Osaka, I revel in jungles of unfamiliarity.


Modern Mumu is the marriage of these two loves. It both inspires and is inspired by a journey. I love fashion for the same reason I love a traditional market tucked in the back alleys of a crowded Asian city or medieval European town square. It’s an explosion of colors, patterns, people and temperatures that transforms something ordinary into a cultured experience layered with emotion and rife with texture. It is boundless inspiration and sensory overload in the best way.


Like me, Modern Mumu is a juxtaposition in style. It assigns a new definition to clothing and fashion by putting it in a context which it does not stereotypically nor historically belong. More than just clothing and textiles unearthed in my global treasure hunt, it is the freedom to experiment and reimagine. It takes a lot of cues from Diana Vreeland’s 1960’s sojourn, Japan’s retro period and modern day Korea. And it gives you a lot of color and print to make a statement with.


So let Modern Mumu open up a world unknown.




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