Tribal Stack: Creating Texture w/ Traditional Wares




It’s practically summer here in Los Angeles, so let me celebrate by drifting off into memories of my favorite warm weather places.  I always escape much of the Korea winter with 2 months in SE Asia.  This year Cambodia, but last year was Vietnam and Laos where much of the inspiration for MoMu was cooked up and a good deal of accessories collected.


I travel so much and while most people collect postcards or refrigerator magnets (ok… so I started doing that too..), I collect bangles.  Bangles are like my thing.  I feel naked without a stack of them up my arm.  I’ve been told once they are kind like a cowbell with all their jangling so you always know when Amy is coming.  But I say that it is a for sure way to keep students awake when I’m teaching in a classroom – even if its just out of annoyance.





Anyway, looking down at stacks of accessories makes me happy, because each of them are from a different place and carry a different story.  The silver ones were from an incredible flea market in Basel, Switzerland, the patterned ones from African women on the streets of Lisbon, Portugal and the buffalo horn pieces from Vietnam.  The silver earrings were from Laos.  But the standout piece here is the incredible handmade tribal collar I got from a Hmong woman in Vietnam while on a trek to her hilltribe near Sapa.  The story behind these pieces is a blog post to come, but the craft and time behind making the silverwork in that tribe is humbling.  And it’s a man’s job!








Tribal Apron: vintage from ?

Leather Skirt: vintage from Korea

Bag: vintage from Tulsa

Shoes: Nine West

Sunglasses: Aldo


photos: Marcello Ambriz